Our offers shall be subject to change and non-binding.

All descriptions, details and explanations are from sources that principally appear to be reliable to us. However, we have not verified those descriptions, details and explanations. Thus, all information, descriptions and explanations shall be expressly without any warranty or liability. It shall be the sole and exclusive responsibility of the potential buyer and/or tenant to separately verify correctness and completeness of the same in an appropriate manner. Any opinions, assumptions, estimates and predictions merely constitute examples and shall be no basis for an assessment of the future development and the yield or return of the real property and/or the premises. The buyer and/or tenant is strongly advised to check himself any, in particular, legal, tax, financial and/or technical prerequisites and effects of buying or renting the real property or premises, since we cannot assume any liability therefore. We have not carried out any examination regarding pollution or potential contamination of soil, buildings, water or air or any other environmental factors and we do not assume any warranty therefore. Potential buyers and/or tenants shall investigate into and/or check those facts on their own.

If the Customer already knows that a property offered to him is for sale or rent, he shall immediately inform us thereof in writing. If the Customer fails to do so, we shall be deemed instructed by the Customer to further conclusion of a contract in whatsoever way. If conclusion of the contract is subsequently supported by any of our actions, we shall be entitled to the agreed commission.

Accord of will to conclude a contract regarding the property or premises offered by us shall give rise to a duty to pay a commission, which shall also continue to exist in the case that such accord of will is reversed later on.

A commission entitlement shall also arise if a contract is concluded subject to other terms and conditions which deviate from the offer or if a different transaction with an equivalent purpose is concluded.

Besides the specifically stated legal transaction (underlying transaction) our commissioned services shall also include any legal transactions (follow-up transactions) which are related thereto in terms of their object or location. We shall be entitled to commission payments for such follow-up transactions if they are concluded within three years of conclusion of the underlying transaction or, in the case of non-conclusion of the underlying transaction, within three years of conclusion of the Real Estate Broker Agreement concerning the underlying transaction.